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International Journal of Dairy Science
  Year: 2018 | Volume: 13 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 40-45
DOI: 10.3923/ijds.2018.40.45
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Effect of Wheat Germ on Chemical, Sensory and Technological Properties of Soft Cheese

Nahla Tariq Khalid and Makarim Ali Mosa

Background and Objective: At present, the dairy industries in many countries have developed improvements in their cheese products through the addition of nonstructural materials such as plant proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and other plants that have exhibited possible health benefits. This study aimed to support the structure of soft cheese, manufactured from cow's milk, by adding wheat germ and to evaluate the effect of this additive on its chemical composition, sensory evaluation and rheological properties. Materials and Methods: Raw wheat germ was added, at concentrations of 0, 1 and 2%, to coagulate cow's milk for the manufacture of soft cheese. Cheese yield, coagulation time and hardness were estimated. The chemical content of the wheat germ, cow's milk and treated cheeses were studied. The fatty acid content of the germ and the treated cheese was estimated by the GC technique. Results: The results showed that the wheat germ had an effect on the time of coagulation, the yield percentage and the cheese hardness. Adding wheat germ led to higher proportions of protein and ash in the cheese compared to the control treatment. This addition also resulted in an increase in the amount of phenolic compound compared to the control treatment. Determination of the fatty acid content indicated that wheat germ had palmitic, stearic, linoleic and oleic acids. Therefore, the addition of wheat germ led to an increase in the amount of those fatty acids in cheese. The cheese product was evaluated in terms of taste, texture, flavor and color and the results were close to the control treatment. Conclusion: Wheat germ addition had increased the protein, ash, phenolic compound and fatty acids of the samples. The sensory properties of soft cheese treatments were improved by wheat germ addition. The fortification cheese with wheat germ in the blend gave very good cheese products with high flavor, texture and nutritional benefits. So, it can be nominated for these imitating products for commercial production to serve different categories of consumers.
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Nahla Tariq Khalid and Makarim Ali Mosa, 2018. Effect of Wheat Germ on Chemical, Sensory and Technological Properties of Soft Cheese. International Journal of Dairy Science, 13: 40-45.

DOI: 10.3923/ijds.2018.40.45






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