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In collaboration with industry professionals, Science Alert is identifying the needs and demands of publishing societies and subsequently provides tailored solutions to help them achieve their goals and targeted audiences.

Our SEO specialists are available to guide and help you plan strategically to enhance the content visibility of your society publications and boost membership. Additionally, our support team is on hand to assist your members, staff, and colleagues.

For Societies

Benefits to Partner with us


Explore the new and latest innovations and approaches to scholarly publishing.


Reach your potential readers through our advanced post-publication marketing strategies and campaigns.


Boost the impact of your research publications via our AI-supported publishing tools and services.


Engage with your colleagues through our live events, webinars, and seminars and gain insights into the latest trends and updates in the publishing industry.


Partner with our extensive network of scholars, researchers, and institutions to achieve your society-driven objectives and increase membership.


Offers technologically advanced and constantly evolving tools, services, and products to assist you in making your research more accessible and discoverable with a significant impact.

Journal Proposal

If you are interested in starting a new journal or transferring an existing one, please submit your journal proposal form through the below link. One of the dedicated members of the Journal Development Team will be assigned to communicate with you and facilitate the transfer process for your journal. However, typically the process for the transfer/launch of a journal onour platform involves the following steps:

Submit a proposal: Submit a well-curatedproposal foryour journal enclosing essential details like the aim and scope of the journal, targeted audience, editorial team, publishing frequency, etc.,

Review and evaluation: We will review your proposal and evaluate it critically on the basis of the content, the potential readership, and the journal's alignment with its publishing goals.

Contract and setup: Once the submitted proposal is accepted, you will be provided with a contract and instructions for setting up your journal on Science Alert’s platform.

Production and launch: Our system experts will work closely with you to produce and launch your journal according to the requirements. This may include formatting, design, and technical support.

Ongoing support: Science Alert will provide ongoing support for your journal, including hosting, marketing, and distribution.

It is important to note that this process and specific requirements may vary depending on the publisher.

We are delighted to have you join the Science Alert community and are committed to providing you with the highest level of service.

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