For Librarian

Science Alert developed Librarian's Portal, a cutting-edge tool for managing subscriptions that streamlines the subscription process. This portal was designed with librarians in mind, who often have the difficult task of helping students, users, and faculty across a variety of subjects. Our librarian portal offers immediate online access to high-quality, peer-reviewed literature across multiple disciplines.

For Librarian

How to Register?

To obtain access to the Librarian Portal, it is necessary to complete and submit the Librarian Portal Access Request form. This form requires you to furnish your contact information, including your job title and a concise overview of your responsibilities at the institution. Furthermore, you will be requested to provide the institution's name, physical address, phone number, and website. The data you provide will be utilized to authenticate your account and associate it with your institution.

Upon successful completion of the registration process and subsequent approval as an institutional administrator, our e-portal will facilitate your management of the following:

  • Monitor data usage
  • Place a new order
  • Track your orders
  • Receive alerts prior to your subscription's expiry
  • Manage billing and invoicing
  • Track print dispatching record
  • Claim missing issues
  • Branding with your Institute‚Äôs details

Pricing information

Science Alert provides an array of pricing options to enable you to access our online content, which includes publications dating back to 1998, in a manner that aligns with your budget and the requirements of your users.

For individuals interested in obtaining print-only subscriptions to journals, please download the relevant journal's catalog for details on the pricing of individual journal subscriptions.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales team at [email protected]

Contact us

Should you have any queries, concerns, or complaints, please feel free to contact our Portal Manager directly at [email protected].