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Welcome to our Author Portal, designed especially for researchers who are new or not familiar with the publishing process of Science Alert journals. We have provided the essential information updated from time to time on this page and strongly recommend that new and returnee authors read it thoroughly before submitting an article.

Science Alert journals are managed by a team of expert editors to provide the best publishing services to authors while maintaining research integrity. Our in-house editorial team is highly qualified with a deep understanding of research ethics in scientific publishing and is responsible to confirm that all new submissions are handled fairly and pass through a rigorous peer review process.

For Authors

Editorial Criteria and Process

This overall step-by-step guide will help you learn more about the whole publishing journey, including submission to revision and final publication. As all journals are editorially independent, don’t forget to read the Guide to the Author of your chosen journal.

  • The first step in the publishing journey is to find the right-fit journal for your research work, which maximizes the chances for your research to be published. You can easily search for the most suitable journal via the list of A-Z journals.

  • It is important to review the “Guide to Authors" on the selected journal's homepage to understand the requirements for preparing a paper. By following the journal's instructions closely, you can improve the chances of acceptance and reduce the time it takes to process the article.

    Each journal has different categories for publishing research, so be sure to carefully consider which category aligns with your data before preparing your manuscript in accordance with the provided guidelines.

    Additionally, before submitting a manuscript, make sure to review the journal's policies regarding ethics, plagiarism, authorship criteria, and author rights, as well as the journal and article metrics.

  • All journals use the “Online Submission System” to process the articles from initial submissions to peer review and publication. You can easily access the system and submit an article via the “submit your paper” link availableon the homepage of each journal.

    Upon successful submission of your manuscript, your article will be assigned to one of the academic editors for initial screening. If your article gets passed through the initial screening, it will be sent for peer review by field experts. In case your article is not suitable for the selected journal, the editor may recommend transferring it to another more suitable journal.

    All the new and revised submissions of articles are managed and processed through the Online Submission System of Science Alert, so it's useless to send a new or revised article via email unless the editor requests you to do so.

    Publication Fee

    The publication fee, also known as Article Processing Charges (APC), is the amount that authors pay when their manuscript is accepted for publication. APCs of all Science Alert journals cover the following:

    Note: The APC varies from journal to journal. You may explore more about the actual publication fee chart of each journal on their respective websites.

    Publishing Choices

    We offer the below options to authors submitting manuscripts for publishing:

    Traditional Publishing
    This is a known model where the submitted article is screened by the editor and sent to peer review if it fulfills the criteria. Once the article survives the peer-review process (subject to minor/major revisions), it will be accepted for publication. All of these publications will be accessible online to institutional subscribers.

    Gold Open Access Model
    This is an advanced type where the publishing process is the same as above. However, once the article is accepted for publication, the author(s) or funding agencies pay an Article Processing Charges (APC). The final manuscript will be then published under a Creative Commons CC-BY license and available online to read and cite for everyone. To know more about the APC for Gold Open Access model, please visit the individual journal’s website.

    Benefits of Open Access Publishing
  • Our “Online Submission system” is developed to facilitate the authors to keep an eye on the progress of their submitted manuscripts. It's easy to track your manuscript at each step by logging into your account at

    In case of any queries about article processing, you may contact our Support Team at [email protected]

  • Once your manuscript is published, you can share and promote it among your academic circle for a better and bigger impact on your research profile. At Science Alert, we share the published research work and accomplishments of researchers with wider academic audiences that enable a higher citation rate, builds reputation, and increase the readership of your publications.

    Once it’s published, don’t forget to share, celebrate and get the most out of it!

  • We provide various forms with links to the original files below, which you will need to fill in before your paper is published.

    Manuscript Checklist

    Please download the manuscript checklist if applicable, and amend your manuscript accordingly before submission to the journal.

    Competing Interest Statement

    At Science Alert, we recognize the importance of disclosing any competing interests that may be present in a manuscript. This information is crucial for making informed decisions on how to handle a paper and ensuring that readers are aware of any potential conflicts. While we understand that competing interests are often unavoidable, we still require authors to make a declaration of these interests in the manuscript. This declaration should be included at the end of the text. For more information on specific competing interest requirements for individual journals, please visit the respective journal's website.

    Publishing License

    The author (s) of all types of articles needs to submit a License to publish with a final revised copy of the manuscript. Download the License to Publish form by clicking here. Failure to return the form will delay or prevent publication.


    After the proofs have been reviewed and returned, authors and their co-authors have the opportunity to purchase printed copies of the article at a discounted price through the Science Alert reprint service within a month of its publication.

    Single Copy Order

    You can also purchase a single issue of the specific volume and journal. To order a single copy of the journal, please download the Single-Copy Order Form and submit your order via e-mail.

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