For Referees

Science Alert advocates for a thorough peer-review process to guarantee the quality of publications and ensure research integrity. We maintain a list of distinguished and qualified experts to aid in the review of journals utilizing Science Alert services.

The task of evaluating manuscripts is crucial and carries a heavy responsibility in maintaining the accuracy of scholarly work. Reviewers are expected to conduct their evaluations in a timely, honest, and ethical way, adhering to the COPE guidelines. If you're interested in being added to our list of recognized reviewers, please send your CV via email and you'll be informed when your profile is accepted.

For Referees

Advantages of Volunteering as a Reviewer

Being considered an expert in your field by editors, staying updated with the latest research, learning new and effective methods, and evaluating your own research objectively are some of the benefits of peer reviewing. Additionally, it helps in becoming a more skilled writer and potentially a more successful published author. Following are a few benefits of joining us as a Reviewer:

  • Immediate access to sponsored events of Science Alert
  • The reviewers are eligible to be considered for the “Outstanding Reviewer Awards”
  • Personalized acknowledgment certificate as a recognized Reviewer
  • Email alerts related to your field of expertise
  • Opportunity for nomination to serve on the editorial board of Science Alert journals
  • Discount vouchers as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the review process
  • The reviewers are included in the journal’s annual acknowledgment of reviewers

Peer-review Policies and Procedures

Each journal operates independently, therefore, for a complete understanding of the review process and related peer-review policies, please visit the website of the relevant journal.

Preparation and Submission of Review Report

To streamline the process for authors and reviewers, all journals utilize the same online submission system for both manuscript submissions and peer review. Once you accept an invitation to review, you will receive an evaluation report and article details through the system, where you can input your comments and suggestions. If a revision is needed, you will be reassigned the revised manuscript through the same system, keeping a record of your previous feedback.

Although many scientists possess a natural ability to evaluate scientific papers, many prospective referees still have questions about the review process and desire to know what an editor's expectations are for an "ideal" referee report.

Before accepting an invitation to review, please consider the following:

  • Does the manuscript match your areas of expertise?
  • Do you have any conflicts of interest? If yes, disclose it to the editor with your response
  • Do you have enough time to meet the reviewing deadline?
  • Make sure that the review process is kept strictly confidential
  • Avoid using offensive language in your review comments.
  • Ensure that your comments do not reveal your decision to accept or reject a manuscript
  • Adopt a positive, neutral, yet analytical approach when evaluating manuscripts