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International Journal of Dairy Science
  Year: 2012 | Volume: 7 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 11-19
DOI: 10.3923/ijds.2012.11.19
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Microbiological Quality Assessments of Biradon, Kesham and Kindrimo: Milk Products Sold in Maiduguri, Nigeria

I.O. Ogbonna, A.B. David, J.T. Waba and P.C. Eze

The presence of selected pathogenic bacteria in biradon, kesham and kindrimo sold in Maiduguri, Nigeria was investigated. Results showed that the mean E. coli count was 2.43, 3.31 and 2.82 log10 cfu mL-1, with range from 0.0 to 6.22, 0.0 to 6.30 and 0.0 to 5.48, respectively. Percentage E. coli in the samples was 21.6, 23.2 and 26.4%, respectively. The overall mean S. aureus count was 2.65, 1.16 and 2.41 log10 cfu mL-1 and ranged from 0.0 to 6.79, 0.0 to 3.87 and 0.0 to 6.39, respectively with percentage distribution of 32.8, 19.6 and 18.6%, respectively. The overall mean Shigella count was 0.15, 0.40 and 0.24 log10 cfu mL-1, respectively whereas, the range fell between 0.0 and 0.48, 0.0 and 2.48 and 0.0 and 0.90, respectively and percentage distribution was between 0.0 and 4, 2 and 10 and 2 and 8%, respectively. The overall mean Salmonella count was 1.44, 1.83 and 1.23 log10 cfu mL-1, the range was between 0.0 and 4.02, 0.0 and 4.76 and 0.0 and 3.30, respectively and percentage distribution was 7.6, 9.8, 7.6%, respectively. Coliform overall mean of 2.94, 4.12 and 3.72 log10 cfu mL-1, respectively was recorded and the range between 0.0 and 6.48, 0.0 and 7.51 and 0.0 and 6.70 and overall mean percentage coliform was 30.8, 38.6 and 35.2%, respectively. The total viable overall mean of 5.34, 7.27 and 6.58 log10 cfu mL-1 and range value of between 0.0 and 8.48, 0.0 and 9.85 and 0.0 and 9.90, respectively was recorded. The products are contaminated with organisms with potential health risks to consumers. Proper hygiene in the process-line of nono was recommended.
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I.O. Ogbonna, A.B. David, J.T. Waba and P.C. Eze, 2012. Microbiological Quality Assessments of Biradon, Kesham and Kindrimo: Milk Products Sold in Maiduguri, Nigeria. International Journal of Dairy Science, 7: 11-19.

DOI: 10.3923/ijds.2012.11.19






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