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Effect of Processing Methods on the Utilization of Sorrel Seed Meal by Broilers

H. Duwa, E.O. Oyawoye and A.A. Njidda
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An experiment was conducted to determine the productive parameters and carcass characteristics of broilers fed sorrel seed meal. A total of 160 Anak broiler chickens were used for the experiment. The birds were randomly allocated to four dietary treatments containing sorrel seed meal with different processing methods; Raw sorrel seed, roasted sorrel seed, boiled and dried sorrel seed and soaked and dried sorrel seed. The criteria for the assessment were growth performance, digestibility and carcass characteristics. Mean daily weight gain and daily feed intake of the birds at starter phase varied from 22.36-30.69 g/bird and 65.62-68.83 g/bird. The daily weight gain for the finisher phase range 47.66-53.57g/bird and 120.72-145.14 g/bird for daily feed intake at finisher phase. The result of daily weight gain and feed intake of combined phase show significant difference (p>0.05). Birds on boiled and dried sorrel seed meal had the highest daily weight gain (42.13 g/day) and daily feed intake (105.26 g/day). The nutrient digestibility were generally high for all nutrients (above 60%) except crude fibre which range between 47.89-51.95%. The results of the carcass show significant far all the body part except for some organs spleen, liver and intestine which showed no significant difference (p<0.05).

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H. Duwa, E.O. Oyawoye and A.A. Njidda, 2012. Effect of Processing Methods on the Utilization of Sorrel Seed Meal by Broilers. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 11: 38-46.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2012.38.46


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