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Research Article

Heavy Metal Contamination of Ready-to-use Herbal Remedies in South Eastern Nigeria

Chris O. Nwoko and Leo Mgbeahuruike
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The Zn, Cd and Pb content of selected ready-to-use herbal remedies in Southeast Nigeria were determined by Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer (Model 2380 Perkine Elmer Inc., Norwalk, CT, USA) after acid digestion with 5:1:1 HNO3: HClO4: H2SO4. The concentration levels of Pb, Cd were generally high and above the safe limits set by WHO/FAO. Only Tunya B.fil, Virgy virgy worm expeller and Sekin powder had Zn concentrations above international safe limits representing 20% of the tested herbal remedies. The consumers of these herbal products are inadvertently exposed to heavy metal poisoning. It is important that regulators should intensify efforts to minimize human exposure risk.

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Chris O. Nwoko and Leo Mgbeahuruike , 2011. Heavy Metal Contamination of Ready-to-use Herbal Remedies in South Eastern Nigeria. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 10: 959-964.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2011.959.964


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