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Production and Evaluation of Yoghurt Ice Cream

A.S. Mangsi, A.H. Soomro , M.H. Baloch , M. Khaskheli , A.H. Nizamani and G.B. Khaskheli
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Yoghurt ice cream was prepared from buffalo milk using conventional ice cream-making technique. A total of three trials (six batches in each) were conducted and analyzed for chemical characteristics and sensory attributes. Total Solids (TS) content of yoghurt ice cream averaged 32.79±0.64%, protein content 5.18±0.16%, fat content 4.84±0.10% and ash content 1.06±0.08%. The overall mean score rated by panelists for appearance/color was 3.68±0.08, for taste/flavor 39.63±0.71, for body/texture 25.50±0.42 and for melting quality 3.56±0.13 from a total score of 5, 45, 30 and 5, respectively. The overall average meltdown rate of yoghurt ice cream for 10 min was 15.76±1.48%, for 20 min 40.49±2.03%, for 30 min 65.72±1.95%, for 40 min 83.12±1.42% and for 50 min 93.19±1.26%. Sensory characteristics of yoghurt ice cream were gradually improved after 1 month and 3 months storage period and perceived the better score among sensory space map. Stored (3 months) yoghurt ice cream comparatively perceived the highest score for appearance/color (4.45±0.08), taste/flavor (44.11±0.18), body/texture (28.78±0.16) and melting quality (4.61±0.13) followed by one month stored (4.38±0.10, 43.67±0.22, 28.00±0.28 and 4.55±0.14, respectively) and fresh yoghurt ice cream (3.68±0.08, 39.63±0.71, 25.55±0.42 and 3.56±0.13, respectively) from a total score of 5, 45, 30 and 5, respectively. Sensory properties of yoghurt ice cream discriminated the product with attractable appearance/color, acceptable/palatable flavor and better body/texture.

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A.S. Mangsi, A.H. Soomro , M.H. Baloch , M. Khaskheli , A.H. Nizamani and G.B. Khaskheli , 2011. Production and Evaluation of Yoghurt Ice Cream. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 10: 955-958.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2011.955.958


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