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Response of Growth, Yield and Seed Quality of Guar (Cyamopsis teteragonolopa L.) to Bradyrhizobium Inoculations

Khalid A. Ibrahim, Kamal H. Suliman, Abdalla A. Abdalla, Moayad M.B. Zaied, Elbasri A. Mohamed, Adam I. Ahmed and Sana K. Mukhtar
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Bradyrhizobium strains: ENRRI 16A, ENRRI 16C (Local) and strains TAL 169 and TAL 1371 (Introduced) were used to inoculate two guar cultivars namely, HFG-75 and Local, in split plot design with four replications in field experiment at two locations (ElAin and Abu-Habil, North Kordofan State-Sudan). The objective of the experiment was to study the effect of inoculation with Bradyrhizobium on yield attributes, proximate composition and minerals content of guar. Bradyrhizobium inoculation showed no significant (p<0.05) effect on plant height (cm), number of fruiting branches/plant, number of pods/plant, 100-seed weight (g), grain yield and the yield kg/ha of the two guar cultivars grown at Abu-Habil. At ElAin site, inoculation with ENRRI 16C significantly (p<0.05) increased the plant height (by 25%) and fruiting branches/plant (by 97%) of the two guar cultivars. Also, all treatments (except inoculation of HFG-75 with ENRRI 16A) considerably improved the 100-seed weight (g) of the tested cultivars compared to the control. The ash and protein contents of the tested guar cultivars at the two locations showed no response to inoculation by the four Bradyrhizobium strains. Also, the crude fibre content of guar seeds in the two sites did not responded to Bradyrhizobium inoculation, excluding the local cultivar treated with ENRRI 16C and TAL 1371 grown at Abu-Habil. The oil content for HFG-75 cultivar at the two locations showed positive response to inoculation with TAL 1371. The phosphorus content of the two cultivars, at both Abu-Habil and ElAin was notably increased due to inoculation. At ElAin site, inoculation did not influenced the phosphorus content except for HFG-75 treated with ENRRI 16C and local cultivar inoculated by TAL 169. Potassium content of the guar seeds from HFG-75 at the two locations as well as that for the local cultivar at ElAin demonstrated no response to inoculation. Inoculation with ENRRI 16C and TAL 169 significantly (p<0.05) promoted the Na content of the local cultivar at Abu-Habil, whereas ENRRI 16A considerably increased Na content for HFG-75 at ElAin location. The calcium content of HGF-75 guar seeds was significantly (p<0.05) enhanced due to inoculation with ENRRI 16C at Abu-Habil as well as treatment with ENRRI 16A, TAL 169 and TAL 1371 at ElAin. Conversely, Ca content of the local guar was not affected by inoculation. Magnesium content of HGF-75 cultivar at Abu-Habil was positively responded to Bradyrhizobium inoculation.

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Khalid A. Ibrahim, Kamal H. Suliman, Abdalla A. Abdalla, Moayad M.B. Zaied, Elbasri A. Mohamed, Adam I. Ahmed and Sana K. Mukhtar, 2011. Response of Growth, Yield and Seed Quality of Guar (Cyamopsis teteragonolopa L.) to Bradyrhizobium Inoculations. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 10: 805-813.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2011.805.813


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