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Plasma Glucose, Protein and Cholesterol Levels of Chicks or Birds Maintained on Pawpaw (Carica papaya) Seed Containing Diet

R.N. Nwaoguikpe
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Proximate analysis of dehusked Carica papaya seeds indicated the presence of the following constituents: Ash, 6.0%; fat, 14%; fiber, 18%; protein 23.1% and carbohydrates, 28.6%. Plasma assays of glucose, protein and cholesterol in the blood of birds maintained on the diet were determined and compared with the control. The birds were grouped into A (control), B (Intermediate group) and group C (test group). The parameters assayed exhibited the following results: Group A (190.05±1.61) range 42.70 mg/dl; 6.39±0.15) range 0.80 g/dl and (107.68±12.50), range 42.70 mg/dl; for glucose, protein and cholesterol respectively. For the intermediate group (group B), the following were derived for the parameters: (194.90±1.60) range 3.20 mg/dl; 6.41±0.05 (range 0.4 mg/dl) and 114.13±18.30 (range 25.0 mg/dl). For group C (test group), the following values were derived: 201.75±5.50 (range 19.50 mg/dl) 6.40±0.20 (range 0.80 mg/dl) and 104.98±3.30 (range 14.10 mg/dl) respectively. The average weight gain for the respective groups were: 268±0.18 (range 0.23 kg) for group A; 278±0.04 (range 0.13 kg) for group B and 2.96±0.08 (range 0.34 kg) for group C. The amount of food consumed were as follows: 5.13±1.40 (range 4.5 kg), 6.17±2.60 (range 6.4 kg) and 7.70±3.8 (range 8.8 kg) respectively; while the feed efficiency values were as follows: 0.37±0.03 (range 0.22), 0.33±0.01 (range 0.31) and 0.31±0.06 (range 0.49 respectively. Statistical analysis at p>0.5 indicated no significant difference in the means of the parameters investigated. Dehusked seeds of Carica papaya could be nutritionally, economically and therapeutically beneficial in poultry farming and management.

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R.N. Nwaoguikpe , 2010. Plasma Glucose, Protein and Cholesterol Levels of Chicks or Birds Maintained on Pawpaw (Carica papaya) Seed Containing Diet. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 9: 654-658.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2010.654.658


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