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Manganese Deficiency in Bovines: Connection Between Manganese Metalloenzyme Dependent in Gestation and Congenital Defects in Newborn Calves

Paulo Reis de Carvalho, Maria Carolina Goncalves Pita, Jose Eduardo Loureiro, Helena Reiko Tanaka and Jose Carlos Soares Ribeiro
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In order to determine the relationship between diet low in mineral manganese and birth of calves with bone and joint abnormalities of all complexion in the skeleton develop congenital ataxia offspring, study was conducted in nine regions of the center western of São Paulo State. Were determined the mineral composition of forage plants used for beef cattle in nine regions between the years 1984-1992 and clinical observations of animals were carried out to date in the of year 2009. The forage Brachiaria decumbens used in cutting farm was studied during the four seasons of the year writing the collection of sampling the twelve months of the year. We used a completely randomized design with three replicates per season and each of the nine municipalities studied, resulting in the total sample of 108 samples of forage grasses to evaluate the behavior of the macrominerals: Ca, P and Mg and trace elements Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn and Co from the analysis by atomic absorption spectrophotometry and P by molecular absorption of forage available for grazing cattle during the seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter. Still, we sampled animal tissue (liver) and soil to determine the mineral profile. The variation in averages were: Macro 0.36 g to 0.40 g% Ca, 0.05 g to 0.10 g% P, 0.14 g to 0.20 g% Mg. Microminerals: 30 ppm to 40 ppm Zn, 3 ppm to 8 ppm Cu, 0.06 ppm to 0.09 ppm Co and 40 ppm to 80 ppm Mn. Adjusting the requirements supplementation, through dry matter, all small macro: Ca, P and Mg and trace elements Cu, Co and Zn must also be supplemented second animal growth, reproduction and lactation. Trace minerals concentration in liver varied: 152.38 ppm Cu, 219.67 ppm Zn, 6.36 ppm Mn, 260.18 ppm Fe and 0.132 ppm Co. The results found here suggested that the matrix of epiphiseal growth plate cartilage was affected during embryogenesis by manganese deficiency in the diet of the animals causing reproductive malformation and birth of calves with congenital defects in the skeletal tissues manly and articulate.

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Paulo Reis de Carvalho, Maria Carolina Goncalves Pita, Jose Eduardo Loureiro, Helena Reiko Tanaka and Jose Carlos Soares Ribeiro, 2010. Manganese Deficiency in Bovines: Connection Between Manganese Metalloenzyme Dependent in Gestation and Congenital Defects in Newborn Calves. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 9: 488-503.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2010.488.503


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