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International Journal of Dairy Science
  Year: 2017 | Volume: 12 | Issue: 4 | Page No.: 266-274
DOI: 10.3923/ijds.2017.266.274
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Effect of Partial Replacement of Corn Grains by Date Seeds on Rahmani Ram’s Nutrients Digestibility and Nubian Goat’s Milk Production

Hossam H. Azzaz , Eman S.A. Farahat and Hossam M. Ebeid

Background and Objectives: Most utilized grains in livestock feeding in Egypt are imported from abroad, therefore searching for alternative feed ingredients to replace of high cost feed grains is very important approach. This research aimed to investigate the effects of partial replacement of corn grains by Powdered Date Seeds (PDS) or PDS+fibrolytic enzymes on the productive performance of Rahmani rams and lactating Nubian goats. Materials and Methods: For digestibility trial, three mature Rahmani rams were randomly assigned to the experimental rations [Control (0% PDS), R1 (50% of corn of the control replaced by PDS), R2 (50% of corn of the control replaced by PDS) + 2 g Asperozym kg–1 DMI] using 3×3 Latin square design. For lactation trial, twenty seven lactating Nubian goats randomly assigned into three groups of nine animals each to the experimental rations using complete random design. The entire experimental periods for digestibility and lactation trials were 63 days. Rams and goats were fed dry matter according to 4% of their body weight and water was offered freely. Data were statistically analyzed by SAS (Version 8) software. Results: Rams fed R1 recorded the lowest values of ruminal fermentation characteristics (except pH) and nutrients digestibility coefficients. No significant differences were found between (R2) and control rams in all tested ruminal fermentation characteristics (except pH) and all nutrients digestibility coefficients (except CF digestibility). There were no significant differences among all groups in plasma total protein, globulin, urea, ALT, AST and cholesterol concentrations. Milk, 4% FCM and all milk constituents yields (except SNF yield) were higher (p<0.05) for control and R2 goats than R1 goats. Conclusion: The replacement of 50% of corn grains by enzymatically treated powdered date seeds had no negative effect on rumen fermentation and nutrients digestibility of Rahmani rams, as well as Nubian goat’s milk production and its component’s yields.
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Hossam H. Azzaz, Eman S.A. Farahat and Hossam M. Ebeid, 2017. Effect of Partial Replacement of Corn Grains by Date Seeds on Rahmani Ram’s Nutrients Digestibility and Nubian Goat’s Milk Production. International Journal of Dairy Science, 12: 266-274.

DOI: 10.3923/ijds.2017.266.274






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