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Asian Journal of Biological Sciences
  Year: 2013 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 84-95
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Influence of Stirrer Speed on the Morphology of Aspergillus carbonarius var (Bainier) Thom IMI 366159 During Raw Starch Digesting Amylase Production

Onyetugo C. Amadi and Bartho N. Okolo

Agitation speed had various influence on the performance of Aspergillus carbonarius during the production of raw starch digesting amylase. By means of image analysis the following parameters; mean hyphal growth unit, mean total hyphal length, mean number of tips/mycelium and mean convex perimeter (P) of clump/pellet were used to characterize the mycelia morphology. Amylase activity, protein content, biomass concentration and pH were determined. The study was aimed at investigating how agitation speed will affect mycelia morphology and culture parameters during raw starch digesting amylase production in shake flask cultures. Fungal morphology was greatly influenced by agitation, with large pellets predominating at 100 revolutions per minute (rpm) while clumped mycelia was predominant at 150 and 200 rpm. Increasing the agitation speed caused a reduction in mycelia particle sizes. Maximum Raw Starch Digesting Amylase (RSDA) activity was achieved at a shake speed of 100 rpm with minimum protein concentration. In contrast, maximum protein concentration and lower amylase enzyme activity was achieved at a shaker speed of 150 rpm. On the other hand, at the highest shaker speed of 200 rpm used in this study, highest biomass and intermediate amylase enzyme activity as well as intermediate protein concentration were observed. These results show that shaker speed will play important role in obtaining optimum results of the various different parameters (amylase activity, protein concentration and biomass production) during the production of amylase from Aspergillus carbonarius. In these experiments, shaker speed had little or no influence on pH of the media during RSDA production.
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Onyetugo C. Amadi and Bartho N. Okolo, 2013. Influence of Stirrer Speed on the Morphology of Aspergillus carbonarius var (Bainier) Thom IMI 366159 During Raw Starch Digesting Amylase Production. Asian Journal of Biological Sciences, 6: 84-95.





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