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Comparative Studies on Nutritional Composition of Four Melon Seeds Varieties

O.A. Abiodun and R.O. Adeleke
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This study evaluates four Cucurbit species in Iree, Osun state, Nigeria. The species used were Cucumeropsis manni (Naudin), Cucumis sativus, Leganaria siceraria and Cucumeropsis edulis (Hook). Proximate and mineral analyses were carried out on the shelled Cucurbit species. Protein, fat, ash, crude fibre, moisture and carbohydrate content ranged from 33.80-39.96%, 40.26-45.21%, 3.35-4.89%, 1.66-2.16%, 4.78-5.21 and 7.08-14.15% respectively. There were significant difference (p<0.05) in the values obtained in protein, fat, ash moisture content and carbohydrate. But there was no significant difference (p<0.05) in crude fibre values for Cucumeropsis edulis and Cucumis sativus. Cucumis sativus had higher calcium content (2.03%) while Cucumeropsis manni had higher values in Mg (8.87%), Na (162.76 ppm), Mn (107.72 ppm) and Fe (39.71 ppm) contents. Leganaria siceraria also had higher values in K (5.43%), Cu (5.09 ppm) and Zn (19.75 ppm). Acid value ranged from 3.13-4.22 mgKOH/g, free fatty acid ranged from 3.4-3.9%. Saponification and peroxide values of 188-193 mg KOH/g and 9.7-11.6 Meq/kg were obtained for the melon seeds oils. Also, iodine values for the melon seeds ranged from 95.5-98.2 Wijs. All the seeds serve as good sources of protein, fat and minerals.

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O.A. Abiodun and R.O. Adeleke, 2010. Comparative Studies on Nutritional Composition of Four Melon Seeds Varieties. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition, 9: 905-908.

DOI: 10.3923/pjn.2010.905.908


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