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Research Journal of Phytochemistry
  Year: 2011 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 130-135
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Phytochemical and Antituberculosis Activity of Coffea brivipes HIERN Extracts

I.A. Oladosu, A.L. Ogundajo, O.O. Aiyelaagbe and N. Emenyonu

The present study seeks to evaluate the medicinal relevance of the Coffea brivipes extracts against some clinically identified strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, using standard methods of microbial sensitivity test and phytochemical analysis. The whole plant samples of Coffea brivipes were extracted with absolute ethanol. The ethanol extract of Coffea brivipes HIERN (RUBIACEA) was then macerated with hexane, chloroform and ethyl acetate successively to obtain hexane, chloroform and EtOAc soluble extracts. The extracts were screened for their phytochemical composition and anti-bacterial activities. The phytochemical results depicted the presence of carbohydrate, alkaloids, tanins, sterols, flavonoids, resins and phenols distributed in varying degrees. The antibacterial activity of the extracts against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB 050 and 303) were carried out using the egg enriched Lowenstein-Jansen medium with isoniazid, dihydrostreptomycin, enthanbutol and rifampicin as standard control drugs. The extracts showed different anti-bacterial activities at 10-2 and 10-4 bacteria load. MTB 050 strains showed resistance to rifampicin at both innoculum. Hexane and ethylacetate extracts of C. brivipes at 5 mg mL-1 exhibited good anti-bacterial activities against this rifampicin resistance strain. The result suggest that the hexane and ethylacetate extracts of Coffea brivipes can serve as a good cut for the replacement of rifampicin as an anti-Tb drug.
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I.A. Oladosu, A.L. Ogundajo, O.O. Aiyelaagbe and N. Emenyonu, 2011. Phytochemical and Antituberculosis Activity of Coffea brivipes HIERN Extracts. Research Journal of Phytochemistry, 5: 130-135.




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