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International Journal of Pharmacology
  Year: 2018 | Volume: 14 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 271-275
DOI: 10.3923/ijp.2018.271.275
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Antimicrobial Profile of Premna pubescens. Blume and Centella asiatica Extracts Against Bacteria and Fungi Pathogens
Martina Restuati and Diky Setya Diningrat

Background and Objective: North Sumatera Indonesia has a rich heritage of knowledge on medicinal plants used for preventive and curative medicine Premna pubescens. Blume (Buasbuas) has been used to increase the body immunity and endurance. Centella asiatica (Pegagan) is used for medicinal purposes. This study is important to find out the antimicrobial capabilities of Premna pubescens (P. pubescens) and Centella asiatica (C. asiatica) methanol extracts. This study is expected to provide the scientific foundation for the development of plants that are traditionally believed to be efficacious drug. The aim of the study was to investigate in vitro antimicrobial activity of North Sumatera medicinal plants P. pubescens and C. asiatica against the main pathogens. Materials and Methods: The organic solvent plant extracts are tested on the various microorganisms including bacteria and fungi by using agar diffusion technique. The data was analyzed with ANOVA statistics by using SPSS software. Results: The length of the inhibition zone was measured in mm from the edge of the well to the inhibition zone. P. pubescens showed significant moderate activity against (14 mm) Pseudomonas marginalis and (21 mm) Streptococcus mutans with 100 mg mL–1 DMSO plant drug concentration. The results of lowest (MICs) values are at 66 and highest ones are at 152 mg mL–1 for P. pubescens meanwhile those of (MICs) values are 0-155 mg mL–1 for C. asiatica. Conclusion: In general, based on the result of this research, it can be said that P. pubescens and C. asiatica plants can be used as antibacterial and antifungal compounds.
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  •    Antimicrobial Activities of Centella asiatica Leaf and Root Extracts on Selected Pathogenic Micro-organisms
  •    De Novo Transcriptome Profiling of Buasbuas (Premna pubescens. Blume)
  •    Identification of Terminal Flowering1 (TFL1) Genes Associated with the Teak (Tectona grandis) Floral Development Regulation Using RNA-seq
  •    Antibacterial Activity of Buasbuas (Premna pubescens Blume) Leaf Extracts against Bacillus cereus and Escherichia coli
How to cite this article:

Martina Restuati and Diky Setya Diningrat, 2018. Antimicrobial Profile of Premna pubescens. Blume and Centella asiatica Extracts Against Bacteria and Fungi Pathogens. International Journal of Pharmacology, 14: 271-275.

DOI: 10.3923/ijp.2018.271.275








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