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International Journal of Pharmacology
  Year: 2007 | Volume: 3 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 207-209
DOI: 10.3923/ijp.2007.207.209
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Comparison of Postoperative Analgesic Effect of Tramadol With Lidocaine When Used as Subcutaneous Local Anesthetic
Sussan Soltanimohammadi and Mirsadegh Seyedi

We conducted a double blind, controlled trial comparing postoperative analgesic effect of tramadol with lidocaine when used as subcutaneous local anesthetic. Seventy ASA physical status 1 or 2 patients aged 20-50 years, who were scheduled for elective surgery under general anesthesia with flank incision, were randomly assigned to receive either 2 mg kg-1 tramadol or 1 mg kg-1 lidocaine at the end of operation. Postoperative pain was evaluated with a Verbal Analogue Scale (VAS). First VAS and patient’s satisfaction with operation were recorded at recovery room, second record was in the ward (12 h later) and third on the next day of surgery (24 h later). Local reactions, nausea and vomiting in recovery and the ward and time to first request for analgesic after operation were also recorded. Satisfaction with operation in recovery room was better in tramadol group (p = 0.016). The VAS score did not differ significantly between the two groups in recovery (p = 0.119), 12 h (p = 0.316) and 24 h after the operation (p = 0.108). Time to first analgesic requirement in tramadol group was longer (4.3±0.3 h) than lidocaine group (2.1±0.9 h) (p = 0.012). Ten patients in tramadol and 2 in lidocaine group had nausea in recovery room (p = 0.01). Eight and three patients had nausea in the ward, respectively (p = 0.101). There was not significant difference in vomiting between two groups in the recovery and the ward (p = 0.106 and p = 0.112, respectively). No local reactions were recorded in either group. This study showed that subcutaneous administration of tramadol provided local anesthesia equal to lidocaine with longer pain-free period after operation.
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How to cite this article:

Sussan Soltanimohammadi and Mirsadegh Seyedi, 2007. Comparison of Postoperative Analgesic Effect of Tramadol With Lidocaine When Used as Subcutaneous Local Anesthetic. International Journal of Pharmacology, 3: 207-209.

DOI: 10.3923/ijp.2007.207.209








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