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Diabetic Complications: Influence of Age, Sex, Family History, Duration, Glycemic Control and Obesity

Amjad Hameed , Salman Ahmad Malik , Fazli-Rabbi , Aysha Sharif , Nasir Ahmad , Farwa Nurjis , Shafaqat Ali and Javed Anver Qureshi

This study was undertaken to find prevalence of diabetic complications and influence of age, sex, family history, duration, glycemic control and obesity on these complications in 1104 diabetic patients. Late diabetic complications were present in 76% cases. The prevalence of hypertension was 28.846%, retinopathy 25.962%, neuropathy 24.038%, nephropathy and ischemic heart disease 8.654%, polyarthritis 6.731%, angina and urinary track infection 5.769%, dermatitis 4.808% and atherosclerosis 1.923%. Overall 74% cases had poor glycemic control. An increase in mean (SD) (227.722 (74.521) vs. 222.360 (64.386) mg/dl) and most frequent (mode) (340 vs. 200 mg/dl) random blood glucose of complicated cases compared with non complicated cases was observed. There was no difference in mean (SD) age (50.768 (13.715) vs. 50.800 (12.845) years) and median age (50 vs. 50 years) of complicated and non-complicated cases while most frequent age (mode) (45 vs. 40 years) was higher in complicated cases. The mean (SD) (43.240 (12.965) vs. 46.760 (13.694) years), median (43 vs. 49 years) and most frequent age at diagnosis of diabetes (mode) (40 vs. 46 years) was lower in complicated cases compared with non-complicated cases. The prevalence of diabetic complications was low (66.667%) in diabetic patients with family history of diabetes as compared to diabetic patients without family history of diabetes (79.221%). An increased percentage of complicated cases in males (80.33%) as compared to female patients (72.09%) were observed. Mean (SD) duration of diabetes was higher in complicated diabetic patients (7.585 (5.730) years) as compared to non-complicated diabetic patients (4.080 (4.551) years). There was an increase in percent-complicated cases with an increase in duration of diabetes and both parameters showed a positive regression (R2 = 0.84). Obese diabetic patients have 13.555 and 14.461% more chance of developing diabetic complications compared with normal and lean diabetic patients respectively. It was concluded that poor glycemic control, early age at diagnosis, gender (male), duration of diabetes and obesity are the factors which can increase the risk of developing diabetic complications.

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Amjad Hameed , Salman Ahmad Malik , Fazli-Rabbi , Aysha Sharif , Nasir Ahmad , Farwa Nurjis , Shafaqat Ali and Javed Anver Qureshi , 2002. Diabetic Complications: Influence of Age, Sex, Family History, Duration, Glycemic Control and Obesity . Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 710-714.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2002.710.714


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