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Haemagglutination Antigen Preparation of Newcastle Disease Virus on Vero Cell Line

M. Mehedi , K.M. Hossain , M.J.F.A. Taimur , B.K. Sil and M.R. Islam

The research work was undertaken to prepare haemagglutination antigen of NDV on vero cell line as an alternative to the traditional chicken embryonated egg. Newcastle disease virus can grow within different animal cell line. Vero cell is an established cell line whose source is African green monkey`s kidney. The anchorage-dependent vero cells were first subcultured in Eagle`s minimum essential medium to form semi-confluent monolayer. This monolayer was then infected by collected passage 3 (P3) adapted NDV and maintained up to passage 7 (P7). The antigen was collected from this adapted NDV. Then the NDV antigen was assayed and tested for its purity by tissue culture infective dose (TCID50) assay and haemagglutination test respectively. The titre of NDV was 104.1 TCID50. HA result showed NDV antigen agglutinate chicken red blood cells up to 1600 dilution, which is moderately higher titre than HA titre found for NDV, propagated in chicken embryos.

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M. Mehedi , K.M. Hossain , M.J.F.A. Taimur , B.K. Sil and M.R. Islam , 2002. Haemagglutination Antigen Preparation of Newcastle Disease Virus on Vero Cell Line . Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 648-649.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2002.648.649


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