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Study on Diversity of Insect Communities at Different Altitudes of Gunung Nuang in Selangor, Malaysia

A.B. Idris , S. Md. Nor and R. Rohaida

A total of six insect Orders comprising 2139 individual were collected for this study. The Hymenopterans had the highest individuals followed by Orthopterans, Coleopterans, Diptyopterans, Hemipterans and Dipterans. There was no specific pattern of abundant for the Hemipteran and Dipteran individuals collected except for Diptyoptera that was more abundant at 800 m altitude than at other altitudes. However, the Hymenopterans were found to higher at the lower altitudes than at the higher altitudes. There was a significant different (P < 0.05) in diversity of insect communities among the altitudes as indicated by the values of Shannon Weiner-Index (H`) with the highest and lowest H` values were at 500 (1.89) and 1100 m (1.33) altitudes respectively. The species richness was relatively highest and lowest at 800 and 500 m altitudes respectively. The Jaccard`s Similarity Index indicated that the insect communities similarity was highest between altitudes 800 and 1100 m (0.467) and lowest between 300 and 1100 m (0.176). There seemed to be two altitudinally associated insect faunas, one in higher altitudes and another one in the lower altitudes. The transition between the two assemblages is between 500 and 800 m altitudes.

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A.B. Idris , S. Md. Nor and R. Rohaida , 2002. Study on Diversity of Insect Communities at Different Altitudes of Gunung Nuang in Selangor, Malaysia . Journal of Biological Sciences, 2: 505-507.

DOI: 10.3923/jbs.2002.505.507


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