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    Publisher: Asian Network for Scientific Information
  Asian Journal of Crop Science is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal publishes the original research on all aspects of crop sciences. Scope of the journal includes: Crop agronomy, crop molecular biology, production, genetics and breeding, germplasm, crop protection, soil sciences, postharvest systems and utilization, agroforestry, crop-animal interactions, environmental issues and agricultural information, modeling of crop systems, decision support systems, effect of climate changes and crop adaptation, remote sensing for plant monitoring.

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  Editor-in-Chief:  Arvind Singh Tomar
Executive Managing Editor
Publishing Editor
Mahbubul Islam
Hongxin Cao
R.K. Lal
Harjit Singh Rekhi
Khalid Ali Khalid Ahmed
Atul Bhargava
Khabba Said
Mirza Hasanuzzaman
Ravindran Chandran
Kulkarni Manoj Madhukarrao
Tanweer Azam
Dawei Xue
George Oduro Nkansah
Faruk Toklu
Modupeola Christianah Akintobi
Masoumeh Salehi
Abdel-Aziz Belal
Zhengguo Li
Shardendu K. Singh