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Journal of Applied Sciences
  Year: 2019 | Volume: 19 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 101-108
DOI: 10.3923/jas.2019.101.108
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Biochemical Effects of Chitosan Coating and Hot Water Dipping on Green Bean Decay During Cold Storage

Abdelaleim Ismail ElSayed , Azza Hosni Mohamed , Dennis Calvin Odero and Ayman Mohamed Gomaa

Background and Objective: Normally fresh green bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) harvested seasonally and stored at room-temperature with short shelf-life (maximum 7 days). Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the effect of chitosan coating (CC) and hot water dipping (HWD) on physico-chemical and sensory characteristics of the fresh-cut green bean and to determine extending storage periods and improve the quality. As well as to control color degradation and expand shelf-life of fresh-cut green bean. Materials and Methods: Fresh-cut green beans were treated with CC (at 0.5-1.5%) and HWD (at 45°C for 15 min or 55°C for 1 min). The treated samples were stored at 4°C in a refrigerator set at 85-90% relative humidity for 28 d. Physico-chemical properties (weight loss and decay, total soluble solids content, total acidity, chlorophyll and carotenoid contents, reducing sugars, protein, peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase activities, vitamin C and free phenolic compounds) and sensory properties were analyzed for all the treated samples at the storage points. Results: Fresh-cut green beans treated with CC at 1.5% exhibited the lowest decay (4.66%) while HWD treatments had the highest decay (25.5-48%) compared to 19.66% decay from the untreated control. Sensorial characteristics (color, skin loss, fibrousness, texture and flavor) were maintained and the quality of green bean pods improved under CC at 1.5%. Chitosan coating (1.5%) reduced weight loss, titratable acidity, peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase activities under the storage condition compared to other treatments. The reduction in peroxidase and polyphenol oxidase activities enhanced active oxygen-scavenging systems in the fresh-cut green bean. The phenolics and total soluble solids content increased with CC at 1.5% in fresh-cut green bean at 28 days of storage period. Also, protein and reducing sugars content increased when fresh-cut green bean was subjected to CC at 1.5%. Conclusion: These results showed that the quality of fresh-cut green bean could be amended and the shelf life extended by treating pods post harvest with CC at 1.5%.
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Abdelaleim Ismail ElSayed, Azza Hosni Mohamed, Dennis Calvin Odero and Ayman Mohamed Gomaa, 2019. Biochemical Effects of Chitosan Coating and Hot Water Dipping on Green Bean Decay During Cold Storage. Journal of Applied Sciences, 19: 101-108.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2019.101.108






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