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International Journal of Soil Science
  Year: 2010 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 3 | Page No.: 131-139
DOI: 10.3923/ijss.2010.131.139
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Determining Phosphorus Adsorption Isotherm in Soil and its Relation to Soil Characteristics

H. Moazed, Y. Hoseini, A.A. Naseri and F. Abbasi

Phosphorus (p) adsorption characteristics of 5 soil samples were studied in soils of Omidie, Southeastern Iran during 2009/2010 cropping season. The concentrations of the solutions were 4, 12, 25, 50, 70 mg P L-1. Some soil properties as well as selected P-adoption characteristics were studied in these soils. Results show for this study Langmuir adsorption isotherm has better match with phosphorus adsorbed data and has maximum R-square. Differences in P- adsorption was greatly influenced by Soil Organic Carbon (SOC), soil pH, exchangeable calcium, exchangeable aluminium. Regression analysis shows that SOC and Alsat were the highest predictors of P-adsorption in soils of the study site. There is need for inclusion of more soil chemical, physical and mineralogical properties in predicting soil P-adsorption to enhance reliability of information.
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How to cite this article:

H. Moazed, Y. Hoseini, A.A. Naseri and F. Abbasi, 2010. Determining Phosphorus Adsorption Isotherm in Soil and its Relation to Soil Characteristics. International Journal of Soil Science, 5: 131-139.

DOI: 10.3923/ijss.2010.131.139






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