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International Journal of Plant Pathology
  Year: 2017 | Volume: 8 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 14-22
DOI: 10.3923/ijpp.2017.14.22
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Eucalyptus Globulus (E. globulus) Leaf Spot and Stem Canker Diseases Due to Phoma spp. In North and North West Ethiopia
Wendu Admasu Darge and Anteneh Tamirat Bogale

Background and Objective: Eucalyptus globulus species are exotic plantations in Ethiopia covering one-third of the total plantation area of the country mainly for construction and resources. Inspite of this importance the success of growth and development of E. globulus plantations is currently influenced by fungal pathogens causing leaf spot and stem canker diseases. The main objective of this study was to investigate the diversity and distribution of fungal species associated with plantations causing leaf spot and stem canker diseases, so that management options to be studied for effective control and prevention of the diseases. Methodology: Twelve plantation sites were purposivly sampled and surveyed in Amhara and Tigray regions of Ethiopia from May-June, 2016 for disease symptoms. Samples with clear diseases symptoms were collected cut to desired size, surface sterilized and cultured on the potato dextrose agar media for morphological study. Twenty pure cultures of fungi colonies were isolated and morphologically characterized to genus and species level for identification. The collected data were summarized, ranked and expressed using simple descriptive statistics of SPSS version 16.0 and SAS Version 9.0 procedures. Results: Based on the results, among the isolates 60% (12 out of 20) isolates were with long chains or solitary, unicellular or multicellular, alternarioid chlamydospores while the rest of isolates were with milky conidia, two oil droplets inside, oozing in characteristic shape from dark pyinida and without chlamydospores. The morphological characteristics of the isolates were found to be genus Phoma and the species were consistent with Phoma glomerata and Phoma lingam, respectively. The mean colony diameters of the isolates were range from 7-8 cm and 7.3-8 cm for Phoma lingam and Phoma glomerata, respectively. There is no significance difference in mean colony diameter among the isolates. Conclusion: The result of this study demonstrated that Phoma glomerata and Phoma lingam were the cause for leaf spot and stem canker diseases of E. globulus tree plantations in high lands of Ethiopia, which is important in the study of management options for control and prevention of the diseases in the country.
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Wendu Admasu Darge and Anteneh Tamirat Bogale, 2017. Eucalyptus Globulus (E. globulus) Leaf Spot and Stem Canker Diseases Due to Phoma spp. In North and North West Ethiopia. International Journal of Plant Pathology, 8: 14-22.

DOI: 10.3923/ijpp.2017.14.22








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