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Asian Journal of Materials Science
  Year: 2012 | Volume: 4 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 45-51
DOI: 10.3923/ajmskr.2012.45.51
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Physical and Plastic Properties of Three Nigerian Coals

C.J. Chukwu, N.A. Obasi, A. Jauro, A.I. Ezeribe, C.B. Nwachukwu and J.D. Putshak`a

The present global concern for new sources of energy has kindled a renewed interest in coal. In the option for maximizing the use of low grade coals in the production of metallurgical grade coke and various coal conversion processes, the qualities of three Nigerian coal samples, Onyeama, Garin Maiganga and Lafia-Obi, were assessed for their potential utilization in a blast furnace. Several parameters that determine coke ability, such as moisture content, ash content, volatile matter, apparent specific gravity, porosity, X-ray fluorescence and fluidity were investigated. Results obtained revealed that the moisture content of Onyeama, Lafia-Obi and Garin Maiganga coal are 3.03, 2.93 and 6.35%, respectively with corresponding ash content of the semi-coke as 25.10, 28.54 and 42.01% in that order. x-ray fluorescence revealed high mineral matter content with highest concentration of copper and lead (10400 and 32500 ppm) for Onyeama, iron and silicon (40830 and 48500 ppm) for Lafia-Obi while Garin Maiganga had iron and silicon in the order of 60900 and 44800 ppm, respectively. Apparent porosity shows that Onyeama has a value of 63.07% while Lafia-Obi and Garin Maiganga have values of 57.78 and 27.27%, respectively. These results show that the coal samples are suitable for use in low shaft furnace for pig iron production.
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C.J. Chukwu, N.A. Obasi, A. Jauro, A.I. Ezeribe, C.B. Nwachukwu and J.D. Putshak`a, 2012. Physical and Plastic Properties of Three Nigerian Coals. Asian Journal of Materials Science, 4: 45-51.

DOI: 10.3923/ajmskr.2012.45.51






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