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Asian Journal of Earth Sciences
  Year: 2020 | Volume: 13 | Issue: 1 | Page No.: 21-36
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Petrophysical Analysis and Reservoir Characterization of Emerald Field, Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria

C.G. Kalu, I.I. Obiadi , P.O. Amaechi and C.K. Ndeze

Background and Objective: Re-evaluation of the Emerald Field in the Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria was done to produce 3D structural model of the field as well as identify and estimate the petrophysical properties of the reservoirs in the field. Materials and Methods: This was achieved by the use of 3D seismic volume and 4 wells from the field and the combination of techniques of well log analysis, seismic facies analysis, petrophysical analysis and seismic attribute analysis. Results: Integrated analysis of Gamma Ray, Resistivity, Neutron and Density logs shows that 3 hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs-Emy A, B and C-were penetrated by the 4 wells studied. The petrophysical analysis of the field reveals that reservoir porosity ranges from 10-29%, hydrocarbon saturation ranges from 0.75-0.84, water saturation ranges from 0.16-0.25, volume of shale ranges from 0.24-0.33 and net-to-gross ranges from 0.72-0.93. Five seismic facies were identified within the study area. Integrating the log motifs and results from the seismic facies analysis suggests the environment of deposition at different locations within the field to be distributary channel fills, overbank and floodplain deposits, which depicts paralic zone. Two prospects (Emerald prospect A and Emerald prospect B) and one lead were identified within the study area. Results of risk evaluation and estimated volume of hydrocarbon in place ranked Emerald prospect B as highest. Conclusion: It is therefore concluded that prospect for hydrocarbon exist in the Emerald field and the identified prospect should be tested for production.
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C.G. Kalu, I.I. Obiadi, P.O. Amaechi and C.K. Ndeze, 2020. Petrophysical Analysis and Reservoir Characterization of Emerald Field, Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Earth Sciences, 13: 21-36.


02 January, 2023
This a brilliant article and i wish to use it as part of my source file for BSC project



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