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Asian Journal of Biochemistry
  Year: 2010 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 4 | Page No.: 214-221
DOI: 10.3923/ajb.2010.214.221
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Densitometric Analysis of Serum Transferrins in Two Air-Breathing Fish (Channidae:Channiformes)
Mumtaz Jabeen and Mohammad Afzal

Transferrin (TF) in vertebrates makes a reliable genetic marker system demonstrating extensive polymorphism and heterogeneity at the TF locus in fish species also. The present investigation was conducted on two Indian fish species viz., Channa punctatus and Channa gachua; to explore the quantitative expression of transferrins, where for the evaluation densitometric analysis of electrophoretically separated serum TF phenotypes was done. Distinct two peaks for heterozygous TF and single peak for homozygous TF was observed in densitographs. There was noticeable incidence of higher densitometric volumes of heterozygous TFs in comparison with the homozygous TFs in both the fish species. Statistically, considering the Percent Coefficient of Variation (%CoV) of the densitometric data, a small range of ~1.17-3.72% was calculated within each TF phenotype in both the populations whereas 17.79 and 24.33% of total divergence was accounted in C. punctatus and C. gachua, respectively. Further, the resulting significant value (p<0.05) after z-score analysis deduced that irrespective of variations TF phenotypes are expressed quantitatively as per the body requirement when the samples are randomly and normally distributed. This study demonstrates some species-specific electrophoretic and densitometric pattern of TFs and represents a promising and simple biochemical tool for discerning the closely related species.
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Mumtaz Jabeen and Mohammad Afzal, 2010. Densitometric Analysis of Serum Transferrins in Two Air-Breathing Fish (Channidae:Channiformes). Asian Journal of Biochemistry, 5: 214-221.

DOI: 10.3923/ajb.2010.214.221








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