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Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances
  Year: 2016 | Volume: 11 | Issue: 7 | Page No.: 383-392
DOI: 10.3923/ajava.2016.383.392
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Phytobiotics: Could the Greens Inflate the Poultry Production

Govinthasamy Prabakar, Marappan Gopi , Kumarakurubaran Karthik, Subramaniyan Shanmuganathan, Arumugam Kirubakaran and Selvaraj Pavulraj

The ever increasing consumer’s awareness and their concern over the presence of antibiotic residues in poultry products necessitate looking for an alternative to antibiotic growth promoters. Among the numerous alternatives like probiotics, prebiotics, acidifiers, the plant origin compound attracts more interest than else. The phytochemicals consists of various natural products that may be nutritional, non-nutritional or anti-nutritional in nature. These phyto-chemicals also act as an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, digestive stimulant, immune-modulator, hypo-lipidemic agent and also heat stress alleviator. A compound of multi-functional can be considered as additive in animal production system. Their anti-oxidant activity and hypo-lipidemic property of these plant derived compounds will be attributed for the improvement of shelf-life of various animal or poultry products. Their hypolipidemic properties are used in production of lean meat production. These phytobiotics also impart readily acceptable flavour to the products especially meat and eggs. They aid in digestive process by stimulating the digestive secretions throughout the gastro-intestinal tract thereby increasing the overall digestibility of the nutrients and reduce the environmental pollution. Moreover, these botanical products are becoming more prominent in insect and pest control strategies due to their availability and cost. With their wide range of activities, these phytobiotics will go to be a new group of feed additives for better growth rather than simply as another alternate to in-feed antibiotics in food production industry.
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Govinthasamy Prabakar, Marappan Gopi, Kumarakurubaran Karthik, Subramaniyan Shanmuganathan, Arumugam Kirubakaran and Selvaraj Pavulraj, 2016. Phytobiotics: Could the Greens Inflate the Poultry Production. Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 11: 383-392.

DOI: 10.3923/ajava.2016.383.392


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