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Asian Journal of Animal Sciences
  Year: 2014 | Volume: 8 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 65-72
DOI: 10.3923/ajas.2014.65.72
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Responses of Broiler Chickens Fed Varying Levels of Dietary Telfaira Occidentalis Leaf (Pumkin Leaf) as Feed Supplement

J.A. Imasuen, S.O. Nwokoro and U.G.S. Osa

A Total of one hundred and twenty broiler chickens at five weeks old were used in an experiment to determine the responses of broiler chickens fed varying levels (0,5,10, 15%) of dietary supplement of Telfaira occidentalis leaf (pumpkin leaf) meal. The experiment was laid out in a completely randomized design having four treatment groups and each treatment group was replicated thrice with each replicate having a total of ten birds. Birds were fed and watered ad libitum and the study lasted for 28 days. Results obtained showed that daily body weight gain (g) were significantly (p<0.05) influenced by 10 and 15% experimental diets supplementation, having depressed body weight gain compare with 5% level of supplementation and the control diets that were similar in terms of body weight gain. Feed conversion ration were similar in all the experimental groups, however, mortality was highest in the control group. No significant differences (p>0.05) were observed for the groups with respect to all the internal organs measured, with the exception of the small and large intestine. The longest small intestine (which was thus significant, (p<0.05) were recorded in the 10 and 15% group when compares with the control and 5% treatment groups. Similarly, the large intestine was significantly (p<0.05) longer in all the test diet supplemented with T. occidentalis leaf meal. Haematological parameters assessed shows that significant (p<0.05) difference existed in Parked Cell Volume (PCV%), mean corpsular haemoglobin (MCH p g-1) and Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin Concentration, (MCHC g dL-1). The lowest values were observed in the control group which was significantly (p<0.05) lower compare with those broiler chicken offered T. occidentalis leaf meal. It was concluded that 5% level of dietary supplementation with sun dried T. occidentalis leaf meal gave the best result.
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How to cite this article:

J.A. Imasuen, S.O. Nwokoro and U.G.S. Osa, 2014. Responses of Broiler Chickens Fed Varying Levels of Dietary Telfaira Occidentalis Leaf (Pumkin Leaf) as Feed Supplement. Asian Journal of Animal Sciences, 8: 65-72.

DOI: 10.3923/ajas.2014.65.72






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