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Root morphology is related to the phenotypic variation in waterlogging tolerance of two populations of Suaeda salsa under salinity
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Influence of NaCl-salinity on growth, photosynthesis, water relations and solute accumulation in Phragmites australis
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Changes in growth and photosynthesis linked with intensity and duration of salinity in Phragmites karka
Environmental and Experimental Botany

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Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

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Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

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Science of The Total Environment

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Why has Phragmites australis persisted in the increasingly saline Gippsland Lakes? A test of three competing hypotheses
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Does the genetic variability of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud determine the spatial distribution of the species?
Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies Vol. 47, Issue 4, 405, 2018

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No escape: The influence of substrate sodium on plant growth and tissue sodium responses
Ecology and Evolution

Short and long term salinity induced differences in growth and tissue specific ion regulation of Phragmites karka

Effects of alternate flooding-drought conditions on degenerated Phragmites australis salt marsh in Northeast China
Restoration Ecology

Effects of Salinity on Germination, Seedling Growth and Ecological Properties of <i>Phragmites australis</i> Communities in the Estuary of the Chikugogawa River, Southwestern Japan
American Journal of Plant Sciences Vol. 05, Issue 05, 584, 2014

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