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Bisht, H., V. Prakash and A.R. Nautiyal, 2012. Factors affecting regeneration potential of quercus semecarpifolia, smith: A poor regenerated oak of himalayan timberline. Res. J. Seed Sci., 5: 63-70.
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Jayasuriya, K.M.G.G., J.M. Baskin, C.C. Baskin and M.T.R. Fernando, 2012. Variation in seed dormancy and storage behavior of three liana species of Derris (Fabaceae, Faboideae) in Sri Lanka and ecological implications. Res. J. Seed Sci., 5: 1-18.
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Oyelana, O.A., 2011. The germination biology and pattern of growth in eight Solanum species found endemic in Nigeria. J. Plant Sci., 6: 143-154.
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