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Curley, E.M., M.G. O'Flynn and K.P. McDonnell, 2009. Nitrate leaching losses from miscanthus x giganteus impact on groundwater quality. J. Agron., 8: 107-112.
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Curley, E.M., M.G. O`Flynn and K.P. McDonnell, 2011. The use of porous ceramic cups for sampling soil pore water from the unsaturated zone. Int. J. Soil Sci., 6: 1-11.
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Curley, E.M., M.G.O'Flynn and K.P. McDonnell, 2010. Phosphorus loss in subsurface flow from agricultural lands after manure application to Miscanthusxgiganteus-impacts on groundwater quality. Int. J. Agric. Res., 5: 268-275.
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