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Study on Genetic Variability and Heterosis in Potato

M.K. Biswas , M.A.A. Mondal , M.G. Ahmed , A. Hoque , M.M. Hossain and R. Islam
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Genetic variability and heterosis for eight quantitative traits were evaluated in seven parents and ten hybrids. The hybrids were derived from a 5x2 line x tester mating design. In general high component of variation and coefficient of variability were observed for most of the characters. The highest component of variation, coefficient of variability and heritability were noticed in PW, TW 60 and TN 60. Characters those with high genetic variability and genetic advance were considered to be important for selecting the desirable parents. Heterosis was worked out over mid parent, better parent and standard parent. Combinations AU/13, LP/13, PT/13 and LS/13 for PH; combination PT/13 and LP/13 for TN 60 were significant for mid parent, better parent and standard parent heterosis. The best heterotic combinations for TW 60 were LP/13, LS/13 and LSB/13 which recorded 990.28, 1115.28 and 648.61% standard heterosis respectively and can be utilized for hybrid development.

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M.K. Biswas , M.A.A. Mondal , M.G. Ahmed , A. Hoque , M.M. Hossain and R. Islam , 2005. Study on Genetic Variability and Heterosis in Potato. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 8: 6-9.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2005.6.9


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