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Effect of Seasonal Variation on Semen Quality and Herd Fertility

M.P. Mostari , M.S. Hasanat , S.A. Azmal , K.N. Monira and H. Khatun
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The data of the present study were collected from Bangladesh Milk Producer`s Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL) at Baghabarighat, Sirajgonj to investigate the bull performance among various seasons through semen quality and 30-day non return rate. To evaluate the seasonal variation on semen quality and bull fertility the experimental period was divided into three seasons; a) Summer season (March to June), b) Rainy season (July to October) and c) Winter season (November to February). Data on 245 ejaculates and 12,750 services of almost same aged 5 Sahiwal bulls (B1, B2, B3, B4 and B5) over a period of 5 years were collected from Animal Breeding section and Cattle Feed Unit of BMPCUL. The performance of five bulls was compared in three seasons i.e. summer, rainy and winter and summer was observed to be the best for most parameters studied. Seasons had significant (p<0.05) effect on semen volume, initial and post- thawing sperm motility and pH of semen but not on sperm motility of diluted semen and fertility. The significant (p<0.01) bull x season interaction was noticed in semen volume, sperm motility at initial and post-thawing stages, pH and fertility but not on sperm motility of diluted semen.

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M.P. Mostari , M.S. Hasanat , S.A. Azmal , K.N. Monira and H. Khatun , 2005. Effect of Seasonal Variation on Semen Quality and Herd Fertility. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 8: 581-585.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2005.581.585


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