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Study the Quality of Eggs of Different Genotypes of Chickens under Semi-scavenging System at Bangladesh

M.K.I. Khan , M.J. Khatun and A.K.M.G. Kibria
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The experiment was conducted to know the quality of eggs of different genotypes of chickens under semi-scavenging system. Egg weight and quality of egg such as shape index, egg shell thickness, yolk index, yolk and albumin weight were studied. The large size with best quality of eggs laid by Nera followed by Sonali, RIR crossbred. The weight of egg varies from 42-55 g in four genotypes and found there were significant differences among genotypes. In case of shell thickness, it was significantly higher in Nera (38.0 mm) and there were no significant differences were found among the other 3 genotype. Shape index, yolk index, albumin height and haugh unit was significantly differ of Nera with other genotypes (0.824 Vs 0.72, 0.727 Vs 0.374, 7.38 Vs 5.10 cm 86.25±1.84 Vs 75.78), respectively and there were no significant difference were found among the other three genotype.

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M.K.I. Khan , M.J. Khatun and A.K.M.G. Kibria , 2004. Study the Quality of Eggs of Different Genotypes of Chickens under Semi-scavenging System at Bangladesh. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 7: 2163-2166.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2004.2163.2166



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