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Effect of Pre-flowering Leaf Cutting on Forage and Seed Yield of Transplant Aman Rice

M. Ahmed, M.A.Hashem , M.S.H.Molla and M.Kamruzzaman
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The possibility of extent usage of rice for human and livestock simultaneously was studied. The experiment consisted of four varieties namely Latishail, BR10, BR11 and BRRIdhan32 and four leaf cuttings viz., no leaf cutting(T1), leaf cutting at 21 DAT(T2), leaf cutting at 28 DAT(T3), leaf cutting at 35 DAT(T4). The effect of leaf cutting was significant on growth parameters namely plant height, total number of tillers and leaves hill –1 at different days after transplanting. In respect of all studied varieties, the highest plant height, total tillers hill –1, productive tillers hill –1 , non bearing tillers hill –1 , panicle length, grains panicle –1, sterile spikelets panicle –1,grain yield, straw yield, cumulative straw yield, biological yield and harvest index were obtained in no leaf cutting (control). The yield and yield contributing characters decreased by leaf cutting as compared to control. The results revealed that among the varieties and the different leaf cutting treatments, Latishail leaf cutting at 35 DAT gave the significantly higher forage yield. The highest grain yield was obtained in no leaf cutting which was statistically identical to leaf cutting at 21 and 28 DAT. It may be concluded that leaf cutting at early stage of crop growth could produce almost similar grain or seed yield of control crops with the additional forage yield.

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M. Ahmed, M.A.Hashem , M.S.H.Molla and M.Kamruzzaman , 2001. Effect of Pre-flowering Leaf Cutting on Forage and Seed Yield of Transplant Aman Rice. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 4: 934-936.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2001.934.936


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