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Evaluation of Different Litter Materials for Broiler Performance, Coccidial Oocyst Population and Level of N, P and K During Winter

Biswas S. K. , M. A. Wahid , M. J. Karim , M. A. H. Pramanik and M. Rokonuzzaman
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The two commonly used litter materials in Bangladesh, wheat straw and sugarcane bagasse were examined for their suitability in broiler rearing. Chicks reared on wheat straw had a significantly higher (P<0.01) feed conversion ratio compared with others. Coccidial oocysts counts per gram of litter reached a peak at 5th week, and except a significantly higher (P<0.01) count in sawdust litter at 4th week the counts were not different between the groups. The birds were apparently healthy and did not have any physical abnormalities. Nitrogen content of different used litter did not vary significantly (P>0.05) but the potassium and phosphorus contents in wheat straw were significantly higher (P<0.01) as compared with other litters. Considering the broiler performance sawdust was found to be the best litter, although wheat straw had a better manureal value but with poor broiler performance. Therefore it is suggested that during winter sawdust litter may be used for broiler rearing in Bangladesh.

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Biswas S. K. , M. A. Wahid , M. J. Karim , M. A. H. Pramanik and M. Rokonuzzaman , 2001. Evaluation of Different Litter Materials for Broiler Performance, Coccidial Oocyst Population and Level of N, P and K During Winter. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 4: 1565-1567.

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2001.1565.1567


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