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Study on Robot Search Gas Leakage Source by Entropy and Its Simulation

Xiaojun Zhang, Jianhua Zhang , Minglu Zhang and Hui Li
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In this study, a new search strategy of robot for the gas leakage source is proposed. The searching algorithm based on information entropy and upwind information, is established by analyzing the link between the gas leakage source searching and obtaining information. This search strategy can improve the efficiency of global search by changing entropy mode and upwind search mode adaptively. The structure of the information entropy search algorithm is analyzed. The flow field distribution and concentration information is got by CFD simulation. The robot search gas leakage source simulation platform is established by combining the CFD with Matlab. The proposed search algorithms are simulated with different search conditions. The results of simulation indicate that information entropy combined with the upwind search strategy can improve the search efficiency and can be used in the actual gas leakage source search by robot.

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Xiaojun Zhang, Jianhua Zhang , Minglu Zhang and Hui Li , 2013. Study on Robot Search Gas Leakage Source by Entropy and Its Simulation. Journal of Applied Sciences, 13: 3007-3019.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2013.3007.3019


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