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Speed Identification of Bearingless Induction Motor Based on Least Squares Support Vector Machine Inverse

Zebin Yang, Mingtao Wang, Xiaodong Sun and Huangqiu Zhu
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In order to achieve the online detection problem of rotor speed for Bearingless Induction Motor (BIM), a speed identification scheme based on the Least Square Support Vector Machine (LSSVM) inverse is presented in this study. According to the inherent relationship among the variables of BIM, the speed subsystem is first built and proved to be invertible. Secondly, the inverse model was constructed using LSSVM which has good function approximation characteristics. And then the obtained inverse model is combined with this subsystem, which well realized the real-time rotation speed identification. Finally, a vector control simulation platform of BIM is established to evaluate the proposed method. The simulation results demonstrates the proposed LSSVM inverse method can accurately identify the speed parameter in a full speed operation region with good dynamic and static performance.

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Zebin Yang, Mingtao Wang, Xiaodong Sun and Huangqiu Zhu, 2013. Speed Identification of Bearingless Induction Motor Based on Least Squares Support Vector Machine Inverse. Journal of Applied Sciences, 13: 2760-2766.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2013.2760.2766


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