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High-Speed and High-Resistance-Tolerance Fault Component Ground Distance Relay for UHV Double-Circuit Transmission Line

DI Jian, HOU Yang-Jun and Chen Tian-Ying
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UHV AC double-circuit transmission line is of its distinct characteristics of distributed parameters, as a result of large distributed capacitance and long transmission distance. The traditional distance protection has inherent defect when used in UHV double-circuit transmission. According to the distributed parameter model and six sequence component, This paper analyzes and deduces a novel calculation formula of single phase ground distance protection for parallel transmission lines and uses it in fault component distance relay. To improve its resistance tolerance and prevent the relay from “in-phase” problem caused by high fault resistance, we propose a novel type relay with high-speed and high-resistance-tolerance characteristics and its concrete implementation scheme. The scheme can ensure operating speed for low-resistance faults near the start of the protected zone and correct action for high-resistance faults. Simulation has confirmed that the protection scheme is security with high sensitivity, high speed and great capability against fault resistance.

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DI Jian, HOU Yang-Jun and Chen Tian-Ying, 2013. High-Speed and High-Resistance-Tolerance Fault Component Ground Distance Relay for UHV Double-Circuit Transmission Line. Journal of Applied Sciences, 13: 2203-2207.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2013.2203.2207


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