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2D Model for Diffusion of Oxygen with Biochemical Reaction During Biofilm Formation Process in Static Aqueous Medium

Y. T. Puyate and A. Rim-Rukeh

A 2D model that describes diffusion of oxygen with biochemical reaction during biofilm formation process in static aqueous medium is presented. The analysis is based on X60 steel placed at the bottom of a container containing produced water inoculated with Leptothrix discophora (iron-oxidizing bacteria). These bacteria form biofilms on the exposed surfaces of the metal. The biofilm-microorganisms absorb oxygen from the produced water through biochemical reaction, resulting in transfer of oxygen from the bulk liquid phase to the biofilm. Predictions of the model are compared with experimental data and good agreement is obtained.

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Y. T. Puyate and A. Rim-Rukeh, 2008. 2D Model for Diffusion of Oxygen with Biochemical Reaction During Biofilm Formation Process in Static Aqueous Medium. Journal of Applied Sciences, 8: 1560-1565.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2008.1560.1565


Department of Integrated Science, College of Education, P.M.B. 2090, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria
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