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Logical Graphics Design Technique for Drawing Distribution Networks

Mansoor Al-a`Ali
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Electricity distribution networks normally consist of tens of primary feeders, thousands of substations and switching stations spread over large geographical areas and thus require a complex system in order to manage them properly from within the distribution control centre. We show techniques for using Delphi Object Oriented components to automatically generate, display and manage graphically and logically the circuits of the network. The graphics components are dynamically interactive and thus the system allows switching operations as well as displays. The object oriented approach was developed to replace an older system, which used Microstation with MDL as the programming language and ORACLE as the DBMS. Before this, the circuits could only be displayed schematically, which has many inherent problems in speed and readability of large displays. Schematic graphics displays were cumbersome when adding or deleting stations; this problem is now resolved using our approach by logically generating the graphics from the database connectivity information. This paper demonstrates the method of designing these Object Oriented components and how they can be used in specially created algorithms to generate the necessary interactive graphics. Four different logical display algorithms were created and in this study we present samples of the four different outputs of these algorithms which prove that distribution engineers can work with logical display of the circuits which are aimed to speed up the switching operations and for better clarity of the display.

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Mansoor Al-a`Ali , 2007. Logical Graphics Design Technique for Drawing Distribution Networks. Journal of Applied Sciences, 7: 2226-2240.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2007.2226.2240


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