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Age and Size-Wise Distribution of Echinococcosis in Buffaloes Slaughtered at the Larkana Abattoir

A.H. Mirani , S. Bhughio and N. Akhtar
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To record the prevalence rate of echinococcosis a post mortem examination of 500 buffaloes were conducted at the Larkana abattoir. The visceral organs examined were liver, lungs, spleen, heart and kidneys. The highest percentage of infection was recorded in 11 years and older buffaloes i.e. 62.66% and the lowest in under 02-year old age group i.e. 5%. The severity of infection was assessed by the size of the cysts. Out of 122 infected livers 37 (30.3%) had small sized cysts 74 (60.6%) had medium and 11(9.0%) had large sized cysts. Out of 77 infected lungs 30 (38.9%) had small, 40 (51.91%) had medium and 7 (9.0%) had large sized cysts. The heart, spleen and kidney remained clear of all the examined animals.

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A.H. Mirani , S. Bhughio and N. Akhtar , 2002. Age and Size-Wise Distribution of Echinococcosis in Buffaloes Slaughtered at the Larkana Abattoir. Journal of Applied Sciences, 2: 837-838.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2002.837.838


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