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Effect of Hydroponic Salinity (120 Molm-3 Nacl) on the Ion Uptake and growth of Different Wheat Varieties

I. Rajpar and N.B. Sial
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Ten hexaploid (Triticum aestivum L.) wheat varieties (Tonic, LU-26S, Q-19, KRL1-4, Kharchia-65, SARC-1, PAK-18, KTDH-19, Cadenza and NIAB-20) were grown up to flag leaf stage in 120 molm-3 NaCl salt solution. The plants of variety Q-19 were smaller, without tillers and had lower shoot dry weight than other varieties. The plants of variety Kharchia-65, KTDH-19 and Cadenza were taller, with higher shoot dry weight and had more tillers and mainstem leaves than most of the varieties. Compared to other varieties tested in this experiment, poor performance of Q-19 was associated with higher Na+ and lower K+/Na+ ratio. The better performance of Kharchia-65 was associated with less Na+ and Cl- accumulation and higher K+/Na+ ratio content in the flag leaf sap, however, this trend was not found in KTDH-19 and Cadenza.

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I. Rajpar and N.B. Sial , 2002. Effect of Hydroponic Salinity (120 Molm-3 Nacl) on the Ion Uptake and growth of Different Wheat Varieties . Journal of Applied Sciences, 2: 541-543.

DOI: 10.3923/jas.2002.541.543


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