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Research Article

A Decimation Free Directional Filter Banks for Medical Image Enhancement

M. Asmatullah Khan , M. Khalid Khan , M. Aurangzeb Khan and Tauseef-ur-Rehman

Uniformly illuminated image greatly reduces the stress on the rest of the image processing tasks such as segmentation, object detection and classification etc. However, an image processing system designer has no control of the environment. The images obtained are usually poorly illuminated. The conventional approach to deal with non-uniform illumination of an image is to employ an appropriately scaled homomorphic filter. Direct application of homomorphic filter on an image controls non-uniform illumination but at the cost of blurring weak edges present in an image. In this paper we proposed decomposing an image in its directional components. This restricts non-uniform illumination in one of the directional components and then directional homomorphic filtering can be applied selectively to directional components. Towards the end, modified directional components are added to provide an enhanced and correctly illuminated image.

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M. Asmatullah Khan , M. Khalid Khan , M. Aurangzeb Khan and Tauseef-ur-Rehman , 2004. A Decimation Free Directional Filter Banks for Medical Image Enhancement. Information Technology Journal, 3: 146-149.

DOI: 10.3923/itj.2004.146.149


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