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Research Journal of Information Technology
  Year: 2013 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 2 | Page No.: 53-66
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Steganography-Time to Time: A Review

Rengarajan Amirtharajan and J.B.B. Rayappan

It is time to wrap up the old stories of covert communication. As time goes by, we are updating in each and everything in what we do, want and utilize. Communication and technology are not exceptions. Although they go hand in hand, Internet aficionados often end up with security issues in the former directly or indirectly in touch with the latter. What has to be done? Increasing the security in whatever conveyed to the world online; for that emerging technologies (in our case with an ancient touch!) should be drawn into battle between the originators and mutilators! For efficient way of secret exchange of information, Cryptography and Steganography endow with a phenomenal contribution. The objective is to grant this as a study identifying the nuances of steganography in some notable grounds. This study does not fail to present the principles and attributes of steganography, traditional methods in the past, upcoming directions and also glances through detection mechanisms. Thus, this study gives the readers a good overview about Steganography.
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  •    Data Security Through Data Hiding in Images: A Review
  •    Light Weight Steganography on RISC Platform-Implementation and Analysis
  •    Graphical Password Authentication Scheme for Embedded Platform
  •    Least Significant Bit but Quantum Bit: A Quasi Stego
  •    Comparative Analysis of (5/3) and Haar IWT Based Steganography
  •    Arabic Text Steganography using Kashida Extensions with Huffman Code
  •    Hiding Data in Video File: An Overview
  •    Secure Topology for Electronic Medical Record Transmissions
  •    Brownian Motion of Binary and Gray-Binary and Gray Bits in Image for Stego
  •    Inverted Pattern in Inverted Time Domain for Icon Steganography
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Rengarajan Amirtharajan and J.B.B. Rayappan, 2013. Steganography-Time to Time: A Review. Research Journal of Information Technology, 5: 53-66.




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