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Information Technology Journal
  Year: 2014 | Volume: 13 | Issue: 12 | Page No.: 2042-2046
DOI: 10.3923/itj.2014.2042.2046
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Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) Multiband OFDM

J. Avila, B. Vinoth and K. Thenmozhi

Ever since the human mind gave birth to technology, adopted it and dedicated itself to enhance it for human ease, the need for an efficient technique that supports accelerated data rates is vital. To add on to the scenario, the spectrum utilization which has reached its pinnacle places before us a major challenge. Hence the need for an accomplished and unbiased use of the spectrum has become our main focus. After years of pondering over the above mentioned problems a solution has been arrived named Multiband Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (MB-OFDM). Efficient error control codes form the basic building blocks of any system designed for a perfectionists requirement and it is these error control codes that enhances the data rate of MB-OFDM system. Rising demands have made single error control codes inefficient. This crisis can be overcome by concatenating error control codes which exhibit consequential improvement in coding gain. This study consolidates MB-OFDM system with following enhancement: the use of error control codes namely turbo codes, Reed Solomon codes and convolution codes in multiband-OFDM system. In addition improvement in spatial diversity is achieved by using Alamouti technique and finally Alamouti code is concatenated with error control codes and results are compared. As a supplement the fast Fourier transform of the multiband OFDM system is replaced by wavelet transform.
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J. Avila, B. Vinoth and K. Thenmozhi, 2014. Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) Multiband OFDM. Information Technology Journal, 13: 2042-2046.

DOI: 10.3923/itj.2014.2042.2046






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