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Asian Journal of Biological Sciences
  Year: 2018 | Volume: 11 | Issue: 4 | Page No.: 157-164
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Utilization of Palm Kernel Cake as a Ruminant Feed for Animal: A Review

Ahmed M. Abdeltawab and Mostafa S.A. Khattab

Palm kernel cake is a feed by-product that is used by the livestock industries. Chemical composition of palm kernel cake varies depending on the type of the fruits palm, source of sample and method of processing oil extraction (screw pressing or solvent extraction). This review was carried out to examine the effect of palm kernel cake on digestibility coefficients, daily weight gain, milk production and composition of animal. Varies treatments such as physical, chemical and biological were used to improve the nutrients digestibility and nutritive value of palm kernel cake. Several studies found that the animals performed satisfactorily well when fed on diets containing different levels of palm kernel cake. Palm kernel cake was used as feed for fattening and dairy cattle where as it has a source of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals. Digestibility coefficients for palm kernel cake were affected by adding it to animal's diets at high levels.
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  •    Optimizing Production of Tannase and in vitro Evaluation on Ruminal Fermentation, Degradability and Gas Production
  •    Utilization of Polyethylene Glycol and Tannase Enzyme to Reduce the Negative Effect of Tannins on Digestibility, Milk Production and Animal Performance
  •    Productive Performance of Lactating Frisian Cows Fed Sugar Beet Leaves Silage Treated with Lactic Acid Bacteria
  •    Influence of Addition of Tannase Enzyme to Reducing Tannins Effects in Lactating Goats Diets
  •    Comparative Performance of Broiler Chickens Fed Varying Levels of Palm Kernel Cake and Maize Offal
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Ahmed M. Abdeltawab and Mostafa S.A. Khattab, 2018. Utilization of Palm Kernel Cake as a Ruminant Feed for Animal: A Review. Asian Journal of Biological Sciences, 11: 157-164.




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