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Articles by K. Saito (7)

Psychosocial factors are independent risk factors for the development of Type 2 diabetes in Japanese workers with impaired fasting glucose and/or impaired glucose tolerance

M. Toshihiro, K. Saito, S. Takikawa, N. Takebe, T. Onoda and J. Satoh

Diabetic Medicine 25 ( 10 ): 1211 - 1217 , 2008

High normal HbA1c levels were associated with impaired insulin secretion without escalating insulin resistance in Japanese individuals: the Toranomon Hospital Health Management Center Study 8 (TOPICS 8)

Y. Heianza, Y. Arase, K. Fujihara, H. Tsuji, K. Saito, S. D. Hsieh, S. Kodama, H. Shimano, N. Yamada, S. Hara and H. Sone

Diabetic Medicine 29 ( 10 ): 1285 - 1290 , 2012

Low BMI at age 20 years predicts gestational diabetes independent of BMI in early pregnancy in Japan: Tanaka Women's Clinic Study

Y. Yachi, Y. Tanaka, I. Nishibata, A. Sugawara, S. Kodama, K. Saito and H. Sone

Diabetic Medicine 30 ( 1 ): 70 - 73 , 2013

Association of living alone with the presence of undiagnosed diabetes in Japanese men: the role of modifiable risk factors for diabetes: Toranomon Hospital Health Management Center Study 13 (TOPICS 13)

Y. Heianza, Y. Arase, S. Kodama, S. D. Hsieh, H. Tsuji, K. Saito, H. Shimano, S. Hara and H. Sone

Diabetic Medicine 30 ( 11 ): 1355 - 1359 , 2013

Flow modulation effect on N incorporation into GaAs(1-x)Nx films during chemical beam epitaxy growth

H. Suzuki, K. Nishimura, K. Saito, Y. Ohshita, N. Kojima and M. Yamaguchi

Journal of Crystal Growth 311 ( 10 ): 2821 - 2824 , 2009

Metabolomic Screening Applied to Rice FOX Arabidopsis Lines Leads to the Identification of a Gene-Changing Nitrogen Metabolism

D Albinsky, M Kusano, M Higuchi, N Hayashi, M Kobayashi, A Fukushima, M Mori, T Ichikawa, K Matsui, H Kuroda, Y Horii, Y Tsumoto, H Sakakibara, H Hirochika, M Matsui and K. Saito

Molecular Plant 3 ( 1 ): 125 - 142 , 2010

Temperature and carbon source effects on methane-air flame synthesis of CNTs

T.X. Li, K. Kuwana, K. Saito, H. Zhang and Z. Chen

Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 32 ( 2 ): 1855 - 1861 , 2009